Beermats – Pack of 10 – Sweary

Suggested Donation: £1.75

This suggested donation helps us cover a small portion of the costs of producing and posting your beermats. Please consider making a donation toward your CALM Kit.

There is a suggested donation per item or pack. Please choose how much you would like to donate now as this can not be changed at checkout.
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We have five fab, fun beer mat designs which do more than keep the watermarks at bay or give you something to fiddle with at the table. They signpost to CALM and our life-saving services.

Delivered in packs of 10 made up of a mix of  5 designs.

CALM Kit is available for free to all of our supporters. However, we have listed suggested donations against our items to help cover some of the cost of each item. Where you can, please consider making a donation toward any CALM Kit that you order. You can set the donation amount you would like to make for each item before you add it to your cart. It costs £8 to answer each one of the potentially lifesaving calls we get to our helpline.

If you haven’t yet told us your plans, make your support of CALM official by telling us about them HERE before you order your Kit. This is to make sure your order is successfully processed and you get all the CALM love.

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